Before They Were Cool Final

Host Annie Lockwood invites guests to chat about the bands and artists they loved before they were cool and before any of us were cool.

Are you a band that’s looking to get super cool? E-mail contact@beforetheywerecoolpodcast.com to have your band heard on the show! Send us your band’s name, where we can find your music, and a streamable track!

About the host:

Annie Lockwood is a stand-up comedian, writer, actor, wing eater, concert lover, and over sharer. She hosts and produces/ co-produces comedy shows all over Atlanta like Comedy on Draught at Three Taverns Brewery, ABCD (A Burlesque Comedy Drag) Show, and 8-Bit Comedy at Joystick Game-bar. She loves music (just like most humans), and the fun of discovering an awesome band before they get cool. On Before They Were Cool, Annie dives into guests’ discovery of music, the connections they make to it, and the love of finding artists before they are cool.

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