Inspiration is such a bitch. I hate her. ┬áThis blog started because I felt overwhelmed with everything I wanted to say about wings and life. It all went away so fast and there would be moments that I would think, ” Damn, I should get back to writing about chicken.” After that, I would try and think of exactly what I wanted to say then I would be worn out and not do it.

Wings Across Atlanta started when I was working at a desk job where my bosses openly told me that I would not be busy every day and to feel free to do what I want as long as the work got done. Obviously, I still have a tinge of my former rule follower, goody two-shoes nature so my tasks were accomplished and I would embark on my writing.

I lucky got to then transition into an entertainment industry where my job was non-stop, no off time unless I was on stage or dead. I would have loved to say that I was super motivated during this time and that I was thriving by being around entertainment 24/7 but that just wasn’t the case. I would force times to be open to inspiration during lunch or right before going on stage but it felt like I was trying to speak a language that I wasn’t fluent in.

I had to make a change and frankly, I do not need to explain it to anyone which is an incredibly new feeling for me. Now, I am have put myself in a place where I cannot make any excuses for what I truly want to do and working towards inspiration to write and create. My choices now lead me to sit down every day and write. Writing now feels like the biggest gift (and I am incredibly fortunate to have those closest to me undoubtably support my decisions).

All of this to say, I am so delighted to feel that spark again. I need to be here and my desire is so deep.