Buffalo Wings of the Ocean

I love going out of town and leaving daily life behind. Frankly, who doesn’t. I love exploring a new place and trying all of the food. Yeah… most people feel that way. I certainly felt like I was overdue for a vacation, like my engine has been running on fumes and it was time for an injection of the ocean.

Fortunately, my boyfriend’s parents invited us to meet them in Key West for vacation/ interrogation/ proof that my boyfriend bagged a catch like me. I can’t imagine a better way to get to know a significant others guardians than doing it seaside.

BF and I flew down to Miami then took a scenic convertible ride to Key West. Having the top down and feeling the sun and breeze on my face helped me forget about all about what’s going on back home and helped release the pain in my head.

As soon as we took the seven mile bridge onto the island of Key West, I felt like everything that had been bothering me was practically gone. I was nervous about meeting his dad and step-mom, mostly that I would say something really dumb and then they hate me.

We arrive and exchange pleasantries and head over to start the best part of vacations: eating. Starting on the right foot, we get to Schooner Warf Bar in the Old Town part of Key West. This is a total vets joint. It started as a tiny dockside bar and they just kept adding on umbrella-ed tables and makeshift seating areas, kinda like a weird friendship bracelet of leathery tattooed skin and strong rum drinks. The ambiance was completed by an old lady smoking and hand rolling cigars.

I’m got that giddy vacation feeling as a order a mojito served in a plastic cup while watching a Keith Richards lookalike sing, sitting next to my boyfriend near some boats. I’m set.

We order a few appetizers for the four of us: peel-n-eat shrimp, a dozen raw oysters, conch fritters, crab cakes, and to my surprise, BUFFALO SHRIMP.

Yes, fresh Key West Pink Shrimp breaded and tossed in a tangy buffalo sauce. I had low expectations IMG_0020.JPGbut it was everything I could have ever wanted: my favorite critter of the sea and my favorite sauce. I honestly could have eaten a bucket of them.

It’s crazy to me that just having Buffalo Shrimp helped me set the tone for vacation and helped me not have word vomit on the parental units.

It was such a relaxing trip which made for a sad departure.

I keep thinking about those delicious baby wings of the sea as my headache has come back in full swing.

I like taking snapshots of special moments in my head and reflect on them when I need a boost. I feel grateful that I can use those buffalo shrimp and staring off into the ocean with my man by my side to get through my migraines. It’s wonderful knowing there’s a place in Key West where I can get buffalo shrimp.


It’s been a while…

Have you ever felt like you are just waiting? Like waiting in line for a ride but when you turn the corner there’s another whole warehouse of lines to wait in?

I have been feeling that way since the second week of October. I started getting migraine headaches that was later coupled with an ear infection. The ear infection got better but my head kept pounding. I went back to the doctor. I got new medicine. I got worse. I went back to the doctor. I got new medicine. I got a little better. I took a turn for the worse. I got busy with comedy. I went back to the doctor. I got new meds. I got another doctor. I got better. I have tests coming up.

I don’t know.

And here I am, still waiting in line. On a new medicine to cope with a migraine/tension headache. I feel better and am able to go to work and live my life with a much smaller headache but it still sucks as much as Domino’s wings.

I hate being an ailment queen but I am being a 100% candid because I don’t feel like myself and I feel like people can tell. I feel like I have wing sauce all over my face and no one will tell me. The major identifier that I am not myself is I haven’t wanted any wings.

The worst thing has happened to me. I have only eaten chicken wings once in two months. I, generally, crave wings all the time. Lately, meh. Brain, seriously, can we talk?

Hey Brain, I get it. I know you’re hurting right now but I don’t know why. I didn’t hit you or make you watch Westworld. So what gives?

Hey Annie, yeah. I’m just super over this whole hot wings and comedy thing you’re doing.

You understand that those two things make me incredibly happy right?

Yeah, I know. We all know. I’m just in a bad mood okay? If you keep asking me questions, I’m just going to go to my room! GAHH!

I’m trying to find the positives in prolonged pain. It’s challenging but I am thankful. I am grateful that through Obamacare I was able to get affordable healthcare so I can see doctors, I am thankful for awesome bosses who are incredibly understanding, I’m thankful for B and him being there for me when I need it most.

And I am thankful for wings.I’m thankful that wings will always be around and that I can write silly stuff about them and how yummy they are.