Wings for President!

Now that most of my friends know about my affinity wings and desire to eat them ALL, I get a lot of recommendations for new wing spots.

I love it! I always want to find the underrated and delicious wings the city of Atlanta has to offer. I try to give every spot a chance. When I hear, “Annie, you HAVE to go to X-TREME BUFFALO MAYHEM WAREHOUSE! They have the best wings!” I give the recommendation the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they know something I don’t.

It is rough when I go to a recommended wing spot and they are shoddy and I get asked,” Wuddya think!?!?!” and I don’t want to tell them, “Those wings might as well been from a pigeon and I could have just used Frank’s and had a better experience.”

I have to remember, people may believe that those wings are the best because that is all they had ever experienced. Maybe they like those wings because the venue and the people are more meaningful. There are too many emotional and conditional factors that make wings a favorite. Maybe their parents loved those wings and that was their family’s favorite Friday night tradition.

I know that there are times that going to my closest wing spot with my coworkers satisfies my craving and I enjoy the experience because of the conditions surrounding the poultry consumption.

I have been trying to take this same approach with the election season. I know people’s life experiences and conditions shape their political opinion and the only thing I can do is listen and take a bite of their political chicken wing. It’s okay if I don’t like it. It’s okay if it’s not from my neighborhood joint. I just don’t want people to give me a platter of their wings, tie my arms behind my back, shove wings in my piehole, and berate me for not enjoying them. I definitely do not want to be scared into eating wings because if I don’t eat those wings the whole buffalo sauce industry will collapse and terrorists will take our wings away. There are also wings that will unintentionally make you sick and never want to put a wing near your face.

I will never understand why some people choose the political wings they do but I hope that people listen to others and try as many wing spots as possible.

As for me, I know what wings are my favorite and I hope people respect me for researching and seeking out the best.

So respect others wings but remember that there are some that will give you food poisoning.


This past weekend my man and I completed the television series, Twin Peaks. He had never seen the show, and it is frankly one of my favorites. To commemorate the occasion, we went to Bookhouse on Ponce de Leon. Bookhouse is a loose Twin Peaks theme bar. More Twin Peaks than the restaurant named Twin Peaks. My man and I sat down and immediately our server was not hearing us and we were having trouble understanding¬† each other. It was frustrating because there wasn’t loud music.

Luckily, my man likes wings almost as much as I do so we ordered some to share. I ask our server about the hot wings and it feels like I am speaking another language. I feel I must be speaking like Laura Palmer in the Black Lodge. He tells me it’s a Texas Pete base. Sure. Fine. Just give me some yummy wings.

The wings are meh.


When he meant Texas Pete base, he meant that they didn’t make a sauce, they just poured Texas Pete and a little cracked pepper on some cooked chicken wings and put them in a basket.

I wanted these wings to be the saving grace of the evening but they weren’t.

Our server then disappeared for about 30min. We just wanted some cocktails and so did the other tables around us. When he finally came back, he didn’t apologize or give an explanation. Aloof and disinterested. Sometimes all you want is someone to apologize and move on.

That whole day was full of miscommunication. I am a fan of talking and writing. Obviously.

It can be challenging being someone who has to talk things out and express everything verbally. I am not good about being coy with my emotions or thoughts.

My mouth ran away from me before we went to Bookhouse. I didn’t communicate well. And once I realized what I did, I did like that server did… I hid. I clammed up. It didn’t help at all. While I had talked too much, I should have thought about my words and explained where I was coming from. I hate thinking that a wag of the tongue, a vibration of vocal chords, and a movement of lips can cause damage to someone that means so much to me.

I have never been in a relationship this long before. (I am not counting my freshman year of high school boyfriend who was super crazy. Crazy as in, he bought me a promise ring and wanted to get married after high school.) I don’t know what I am doing. I haven’t been in a relationship like this. I am having a hard time getting used to what’s happening in my heart and all the adjustments I am making to make sure I am the best friend and girlfriend I can be.

Just like with wings, there will be baskets of wings that aren’t the best but you learn where to go, what to avoid, and what to order. And that motorcycle rides really do help clear your head.